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BronyCon 2015 Preview


In case some of you don’t know already, I will be returning to BronyCon for my third consecutive year in Baltimore. Those who are also going this year, expect to see yours truly wearing a certain referee cosplay as shown in the image below just like I did last year and at Everfree NW back in May.


Also, expect to see me vlogging once again. Like this guy (in the black shirt (unfocused)) from Everfree NW with the camcorder…


…and this guy….


Be advised that there may be some cards issued (but all in good fun, though), like at Everfree…


…Or at BronyCon last year…


…I may meet some princesses, too…like I did at Everfree…


…and a certain Larson…


…anyway, anyone who’s going, keep an eye out for me…I can’t be hard to miss.


BTW, here’s my vlog from 2014…


My Little Pony/Friends Sitcom style episodes

Here’s a link to a list of all the episodes that I’ve done thus far

Red Card headed to BronyCon 2014 in Baltimore

Hello Everypony,

In case some of you don’t know yet (though I’m sure most of you already do if you follow me on Twitter), I will be making the two-hour drive to Baltimore for BronyCon 2014 on Thursday, July 31st.

I will be Vlogging this convention this year, like I did for the first time at Katsucon XX back in February.

I will also partake in the Cosplay Contest, too….and a fellow brony buddy of mine, Marbi-Z, from the Lehigh Valley Bronies Group, has agreed to hold my camera during the cosplay contest while I participate in the cosplay contest.

BTW, this is part of my cosplay…

Anypony else going to BronyCon? If so, can’t wait to see y’all!!

BabsCon 2014 Goldie Award Nominee for Best Video Editing

My November 2013 PMV, Ponýmon! Gotta Catch ’em All! (PMV), was nominated today for a Goldie Award for Best Video Editing at the Bay Area Brony Spectacular or BABSCon in San Francisco.

I didn’t win, though, but I’m honored to have been nominated for a Goldie at the first ever Goldie Awards.

“PONIES The Anthology III” by ZephyrStar won the Goldie Award for Best Video Editing.
Congratluations to ZephyrStar!

Below is the list of nominees for a Goldie for Best Video Editing….and there is my PMV at the top.
babscon goldie award video edit nominees